EMEA Market Expansion

We have been working with fast moving cyber security vendors since 1998, helping them enter, build and scale in EMEA, by sourcing world class leadership, technical and commercial staff. Our market-leading executive search quickly secures the talent you need to accelerate your growth and maximise opportunities. Our expert marketing, legal and administrative support network means you can scale your supporting infrastructure quickly and confidently.

EMEA Executive Search Services

Assembling the team

Finding the right calibre of candidates to lead and deliver your international expansion is essential. Acumin understands the ‘start-up DNA’ required for high growth businesses.

Understanding the market

We organise London’s largest purely end-user only cyber security forum, RANT (Risk and Network Threat Forum). We attract over 2,000 senior level security professionals in an informal and highly interactive setting.

Building a pipeline

Our strategic and practical support for lead generation will accelerate your growth from day one. Detailed target profiling and fully resourced telemarketing will generate a healthy flow of leads. We work alongside a trusted network of distributors and channel partners, lead generation and PR companies – their assistance and expertise will help you quickly scale your business.

Your expert network

A fast-growing business needs solid infrastructure – efficient payroll, reliable accounting, and trusted legal and HR support. We have built a comprehensive network of trusted partners who can support every aspect of your market entry strategy.

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