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Cyber Workforce Sees 160% Increase

The cyber workforce in the UK has increased by 160% from 2011 to 2016, according to a new study from consulting firm Tech Partnership.

The study reveals that there were just 22,000 cyber security employees in 2011, compared to a much higher 58,000 cyber security workers in employment today. Roles include penetration testing jobs and information security analyst.

The banking sector comprises one fifth of these workers, with the digital industry involving slightly less than 50% of the total number. The high percentage of banks is an indicator of the increasing concern over cyber security in financial services.

The Tech Partnership is a professional network of workers who join forces to form skills required by the UK digital economy. More than 1,000 companies form the network, with employers including international brands, as well as local firms. The Tech Partnership says it is aiming to ‘deliver the skills for a million tech jobs by 2025′.

Karen Price, CEO of Tech Partnership, said:

“In today’s data-driven world, nothing is more important for UK businesses than maintaining security. Developing the skills to protect ourselves is a national priority, and needs action at every level: at schools and universities, through digital apprenticeships, and through upskilling for experienced professionals.”

The cyber workforce earns a £57,000 per annum salary on average. This is 15% higher than technology specialists, with a 7% rise in 2016.

Cyber roles, while more commonly found in London and surrounding areas, are also commonplace in the East Midlands and Wales.