Current In-Demand Cyber Security Jobs 2017

Current In-Demand Cyber Security Jobs 2017

Data and system breaches are damaging, costly, and deleterious to a company’s reputation. Every year millions of online accounts, networks and emails get hacked, and data worth millions of dollars stolen or destroyed by hackers. However, there aren’t enough professionals to fill the available cyber security positions in the market. Cyber security job listings have gone up by up to 60% every year for the last five years. Every year the number and type of threats and the sophistication of those threats escalate. It’s a battle that will only continue to increase, which makes cyber security positions such a huge priority within organizations. There are about 13 different in-demand cyber security positions in the market.

Security Engineer

An expert that builds and maintains IT security solutions for an organization. The job involves developing security for systems/projects and handling any technical problems that arise. It often involves creating new ways to solve existing security issues, configuring and installing firewalls and intrusion detection systems, as well as performing vulnerability tests, risk analyses and security assessments. Security engineers develops automation scripts to handle and track incidents, investigates possible intrusion incidents, conduct forensic investigations and collaborates with colleagues on authentication, authorization, and encryption solutions. He or she also evaluate new technologies and processes that enhance security defenses.

Security Analyst

The cyber security analysts help prevent attacks through their expertise and knowledge of databases, hardware, networks, encryption, and firewalls. They impede the theft of financial and personal information, keep the computers running efficiently and block intruders from accessing proprietary data. Their job involves scouring through the system for gaps and breaches and also anticipating how certain attacks will impact the system. Their scope of work includes making regular recommendations for hardware and software upgrades. They are also responsible for creating information security policies and procedures and reviewing violations in line with emerging security threats. Lastly they regulate access to computer files, develop firewalls, and perform risk assessments tests.

Information Security Analyst

Bank transactions, financial records, or medical records simply exist in the form of data that is stored in servers out there in the digital web. This data is in desperate need of protection. Information security analysts go beyond the work of security analysts, and they can code or store data in ways that make them harder to decrypt or decipher. Their job gets increasingly harder as the world moves more towards user-generated content. They have to be proficient in tracing the source of attacks, how to handle ransomware and how to retrieve lost or damaged data.

Information Security Engineer

Different from information security analyst is that they are tasked with handling, security, monitoring and operations. They regularly monitor and identify potential security breaches using IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). They are the experts responsible for analysis and validation of security alerts/cases. Besides that, they handle feedback on the accuracy of SIEM and IDS rules. They assume the “first responder” role for all valid security incidences. They are responsible for monitoring how the information flows through the hardware and what vulnerabilities lie in those transmissions systems.

Network Security Engineer

These are the professionals tasked to quarantine viruses, malware, spyware as well as other harmful computer maladies. They protect networks from attacks by erasing existing bugs and testing the system for future threats. They are responsible for a wide array of jobs on the IT spectrum. These includes maintaining LAN, WAN and server architecture as well as dealing with viruses or hardware malfunction. They monitor and maintain email security, virtual private networks, firewalls, and web protocols, and security programs. A network security engineer is also expected to create virus detection systems, install new network software and hardware and to develop tracking scripts to record system vulnerabilities.

Information Technology Security Analyst

Protect, secure and monitor proprietary and consumer data for large IT units. They are the experts charged with applying standard risk management tactics to the firm’s apps and platforms to test for security capabilities. They are required to verify the effectiveness of controls and to create action plans that remedy identified risks. IT security analysts are responsible for synthesizing solution design, policy and regulatory frameworks, architectural patterns, privacy considerations, and risks. These are the experts tasked with developing an end-to-end security solution for the firm’s communication systems.

Information Security Manager

This job falls into four specific categories. These are assessment, policies, monitoring, and prospects. They assess the functionality of the firewalls, anti-virus software, and passwords, against the current and emerging threats. They also carry out simulated attacks to test the efficacy of the security systems. They are the experts responsible for developing policies around the use of the networks and IT infrastructure for the staff team. Through this, they assign different levels of access for different staffers based on their seniority and scope of work. They set up IT procedures and procure automating tools for the customers and the networks.

Information Assurance Engineer

Charged with the storing and processing of data within the company networks. Most often they work as consultants rather than employees. They scour through the data practices and data logs to detect any irregularities or hazards that might exist. They develop, test and implement scanning and certification plans for network control and maintenance. They catalog the existing information architecture to convey compliance, problems, and solutions. In case of potential breaches they resolve incidents, mitigate the impact of the damage and report their findings to key personnel.

Senior IT Auditor

Scope of work includes interfacing with IT project clients to identify potential risk areas and contributes to the structuring of final project scope. This means they are responsible for client audit interviews and research. They prepare top quality test matrices, audit narratives, walk throughs, and other audit documentation. During the audit, they are supposed to test the systems based on the current and possible future attacks or breaches on the company systems. The IT auditors are also responsible for analyzing documentation, process information, technical configurations, or other client provided data, and document the results of the analysis.

Security Administrator

Responsible for implementing systems aimed at preventing malware infections of the company computer hardware. They perform most of the IT security management including data backup for emails and company information. They monitor the firm’s communication platform and continually upgrade the unit. They are in charge of reviewing server security and updating secure configurations based on new features by the IT vendors. They conduct security training, data recovery, disaster management, designing security models and access controls. Most importantly they are in charge of day to day management of the entire IT security infrastructure and troubleshooting problems that arise.

Lead Software Security Engineer

Create, test, operate software security techniques and sync them with the technical reference architecture. They carry out troubleshooting and debugging issues in the firm’s software platforms. They are in charge of building or procuring competitive domain security lead programs, and to conduct both static and runtime automated security testing. These experts are responsible for creating automated metrics covering 20+ aspects of software security program. They regularly develop and deliver on internal software-related classes and events, including hackathons. Lastly, they create security-related aspects of the application asset inventory program.

Penetration Tester

Penetration tester, or probes they test and exploit security weak spots and vulnerabilities in web-based networks, apps, and systems. They are paid to legally hack so that the system can stay ahead of the illegal hacking teams. Their job involves simulating real-time cyber-attacks on the systems and they monitor for any potential breaches. The ultimate aim of penetration testing is to help an organization improve its security. They conduct regular physical security assessments of servers, systems and network devices and also pinpoint the methods that attackers could use to exploit weaknesses and design flaws.

Forensics IT Expert

Digital detective whose job involves harvesting evidence from networks, apps, and other forms of digital storage platforms. They are relied upon to trace complex cyber crimes including money laundering, the dark web, porn rings, human trafficking contacts and malware attackers. They can dismantle and rebuild damaged IT units to retrieve lost data. They also help to collect electronic evidence needed in a court of law. They give expert evidence to attorneys. They can vouch for the credibility of retrieved data and also give expert testimony in a court of law.

Increased Demand

As the world grows increasingly connected through the web, the demand for these jobs will only continue to increase. At this point, there are very few experts in these fields who can fill up the jobs. This means that most of the current experts work as consultants servicing three to four firms at a time. As long as few people enroll in the field, demand will always outstrip supply, and their salaries and compensation will remain incredibly high.

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