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Beckham Turns to Cyber Security Pros in Wake of Email Controversy

Model and former footballer David Beckham, a recent victim of hacking, is looking to cyber security professionals to trace the criminals who leaked a number of emails seemingly designed to ruin his image.

Marclay Associates, based in London, has been hired by Beckham to attempt to discover who stole and leaked the 18.6 million disclosed documents and messages.

Cyber security consultant Jake Hockley, who also runs the firm, was previously employed by the UK government before transitioning to the private sector back in 2012.

Marclay Associates posted on its company website:

“We rapidly react to serious cyber incidents within your organisation, helping you manage the crisis and minimise damage.”

The emails suggest that the former Manchester United and England midfielder was desperate to be knighted, and alleged how far he was willing to go to ensure that he would be named ‘Sir David’, even using charity work to be given the honour.

When his alleged campaign failed to succeed, the emails suggest that he took foul-mouth shots at the establishment.

A spokesperson for the former footballer said:

“This story is based on outdated material taken out of context from hacked and doctored private emails from a third party server and gives a deliberately inaccurate picture.”

The leaks were posted by sport’s answer to WikiLeaks – Football Leaks.

Marclay Associates Ltd staff previously earned its cyber security salary by managing to close accounts of Football Leaks members. One football icon will be hoping that the firm is even more successful with its current task.