Acumin | RSR Digital’s long term experience in the industry means we understand the smallest details in the brief.

We have been recruiting for a range of cyber security roles for nearly 20 years, including some key professions listed here.

Technical Security

Technical security disciplines are about the software and hardware based controls that realise and reinforce an organisation’s information security management system (ISMS).

At the highest level, this will see security architects developing HLDs (high level designs) and LLDs (low level designs) to meet business requirements with technology solutions. These security architectures are implemented by teams of technical consultants and security engineers, who will deploy and test the devices to ensure they meet the specified cyber security and information risk management requirements.

Technical roles within cyber security are not solely focused on improvement and transformation work, but also in the day-to-day operations. Those in technical BAU (business-as-usual) roles will be responsible for all or part of a cyber security toolset, encompassing security administration, patch and change management, and secure configuration. The improvement and fine-tuning of security toolsets is an ongoing initiative, as companies look to improve the levels of security provided by their investments.


Security operations professionals detect, manage, and triage security incidents; they are effectively an organisation’s first line of defence in terms of identifying and stopping actual cyber attacks.

Real-time monitoring underpinned by a strong contextual understanding of organisational and behavioural norms, allows for an accurate and timely approach to incident management. Operational security teams therefore are not only focused on incident detection and prevention, but in also ensuring effective use of their company’s security solutions and tools.

Whilst operational security teams prevent and detect attacks and breaches, they are equally concerned with discovering not only the identity of actors but also the extent of loss and the method of entry. Through their research and investigation in to attacks, they are able to make recommendations for security improvement to ensure the company is resilient to further breach attempts. This mitigation runs alongside digital forensics investigations and evidence collection, with the aim of prosecuting perpetrators.


Those working in information governance and compliance are concerned with the regulatory aspects of cyber security and information risk. They look firstly at the big picture, the roadmaps, strategies, and frameworks, which in turn enable them to start seeking evidence of where this has been delivered.

Regulatory roles predominantly focus on the ‘how’ and ‘where’, rather than the ‘why’. It is ultimately the responsibility of those in governance and compliance departments to ensure that an organisation is achieving in cyber security and information risk what it has set out to do.

Tracking and assessing the effectiveness of security controls means a company can be accountable in their approach to cyber security and information risk management. Furthermore it means that they are able to identify where the execution of their security strategy has met expectations or where it has fallen short, and so remedial actions can be taken.

Security & Risk Management

All initiatives in cyber security and information risk are ultimately concerned with security and risk management, whether an organisation is certified to a standard such as ISO27001 or PCI-DSS, or merely compliant to it. At a strategic level, those within security and risk management roles will set the strategy for what best practice looks like for the company.

Those working in information security and risk roles are responsible for not only defining the roadmap and frameworks the business will follow, but also get involved as practitioners; developing information security management systems (ISMS) through the creation and implementation of security policies and procedures. As part of this provision, they set the criteria that technical controls will follow, and are effectively the formalisation of requirements that technical security controls will serve to meet.

Often in environments where compliance is not a direct concern, security and risk management professionals will develop an internal standard for compliance, or will take a risk-based approach that allows them to ascertain effective levels of cyber security whilst still acting as an enablement function.


Cyber security intelligence is paramount for a responsive approach to threat and risk management. Through analysis of multiple large proprietary data sets, organisations are able to determine the effectiveness of security controls through identification of trends, anomalies, and removal of false positives. Deep analysis of real-world data allows for improved threat detection, security process improvement, hardening, and increased accuracy of detection through refined configuration.

As big data tools and machine learning become increasingly powerful and accessible, companies will be able to develop a more complete picture of their environment, risks, and attack models. Security intelligence teams are strengthening security postures through deep analysis and increased use of the data and patterns that exists within their networks, supplemented by intelligence about current and emerging threats and vulnerabilities gathered through various external feeds and resources.

Utilised effectively such information allows for improved defences that are able to take a more proactive approach to security incident detection and handling, and deliver effective threat and vulnerability management.

Sales Engineering

In today’s high tech world, having the right software solutions are imperative to organisational reward. Sales Engineers represent the part of the business that provide technical expertise to support sales processes.

Adoption of software from end users is imperative for the security vendor, and the Sales Engineering function represents the individuals who are able to marry up the technical and non- technical elements and teams of your business, so that they are united with the same level of understanding about how to achieve organisational goals.

Sales Engineers roles are typically Sales Engineers themselves, Pre-Sales consultants, Technical Sales and Product Managers. They are responsible for working with both prospects and clients to scope the solution and then feedback into design to ensure that it fulfils a need within the market. The Sales Engineers are critical in providing front end sales support and expert guidance to the vendor’s customer base.

As expected, the number one skill that a Sales Engineer needs to have is a good understanding of the product or solution they are representing. Acumin | RSR Digital only represent pre-sales talent that has the technical understanding necessary to fulfil the needs of the placement and pride ourselves on our ability to place technical talent with a business they would be able to add real value to.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing represent the frontline for your organisation and are responsible for creating perceived value from your solutions. The right Sales and Marketing team will be able to see the wood through the trees when it comes to what your target audience are looking for and will be able to guide conversion.

Sales and Marketing teams represent the commercial arm of a vendor or consultancy or SI consultancy. They works to build granular strategies that can meet broader business objectives. Modern Sales and Marketing theories are becoming more diverse from traditional approaches and can be conflicting; the right sales and marketing staff are able to discern what approach is going to work for your business and drive results.

Role responsibilities are in support to sales and in direct sales themselves. This is typically achieved by developing channel partner networks and inputting to product and service development as well as customer relationship management and working on content and advertising activities.

Acumin | RSR Digital places a large amount of Sales and Marketing professionals within the cyber industry every year; and our in depth knowledge of the industry and the active players means that we can quickly identify the right candidate for each placement.

Executive Management

Executive Management roles represent the strategic leadership of an organisation. Taking on that level of responsibility requires a delicate balance in personality type, experience and vision. The right Executive Board are able to collectively decide upon the right strategy for meeting business objectives and securing the company from internal and external threats.

Within the cyber security industry these roles present themselves as Practise Leads and Partners in consultancies and SI consultancies, and the MD or CEO within Vendor organisations. Within the end user space CISO’s are most commonly found on the Board for a company and are responsible for heading up their organisations approach to cyber security.

Acumin | RSR Digital have worked with a myriad of different organisations to place their new executive board member. Acumin | RSR Digital has a leading and confidential executive search solution that has been widely adopted across EMEA and the USA.

Counter Fraud

As the threat and complexity of financial crime grows, so does the demand for the array of skills needed to tackle it. Whatever the particular knowledge and capability you need, we can source the skills with speed and accuracy. Talk to us and you’re one step away from the best talent in the market.

Digital Forensics

Combining the evidence-gathering skills of a forensic investigator with the know-how of a technical expert, digital forensics is a skillset that’s in great demand. Whether it’s a background in law enforcement, candidates immersed in leading edge technology or a combination of the two, we have the networks to match your requirements.

Corporate Security

Managing the security of your organisation’s people and assets is a critical role. From security threat intelligence and mitigation, business continuity, employee security, to training and response programs, it’s knowledge that counts. We can see behind the CV to ensure that you are not compromised.


We would like to think ourselves as experts in the Cyber Security industry. We have compiled a glossary of key terms and techincal buzzwords for your own reference.

View the glossary

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